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A Comprehensive Assessment Unlike Any Other

The Process
Dr. Dan, the staff are some of the most authentic and caring people you will ever meet! Very knowledgeable and professional in their field of Chiropractic care!
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What to expect

At Elevate Chiropractic, we guide you on a path to better health with clear explanations and proven results. Discover our thoughtful methods and embark on your transformation journey today!
Step 1.

We'll start with your health history

Begin your health journey swiftly by filling out our New Practice Member Form. Submit it online or bring a print copy to your appointment to save time.
New Patient Paperwork
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Step 2.

Let us show you around the office

Please enjoy coffee, water or tea, and a brief tour of our facility, designed for efficient and easy appointments, while learning about what we offer to optimize your health quickly and simply. Familiarize yourself with our space and appreciate the streamlined care we offer to value your time
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Step 3.

A deeper assessment

Your health, quality of life, and long term results are our priority.  We will start with a thorough history and consultation, focused on understanding your goals, values, and what you want for your quality of life.  We know that great health is the basis of a great life experience, so we will listen to discern what you are coming in with, and what we can offer you for short term relief, but most importantly long term correction so that good health becomes your new normal.  You deserve this level of focus in your care and we are passionate about meeting you on your journey.
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Step 4.

The Digital Postural X-Ray*

To see is to know, to not see is to guess and we will never guess with our families or your health.  State of the Art digital X-ray will give our team valuable information to determine treatment protocols as well as more accurate expectations/prognosis for your case.
*as needed
Step 5.

Your report of the findings, recommendations for correction and first steps toward results

Your follow-up visit entails a detailed discussion of your assessment findings, clarification on care processes, and your first adjustment, SoftWave session and other recommendations for healing initiation.
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What is SoftWave? What does it do?

The SoftWave machine, which has been coined the “stem cell machine” creates a special hydroelectric sound wave, that on contact with the body does 3 main things: It increases blood flow and lymphatic flow, it recycles old, damaged cells, and it stimulates your body’s own stem cells to go to work. So, no matter what your body needs to heal, whether it is bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or cartilage, it can be regenerated through natural, advanced cellular healing.

Do adjustments hurt?

Our adjusting techniques are very safe, specific and gentle.   We don't need to twist or crack or pop in advanced chiropractic techniques to achieve lasting change and results.  Some people may experience mild soreness depending on the situation, but adjustments do not hurt in our office.

Why do kids need adjusted?

Healthy kids become healthy adults, and it is much easier to keep a healthy child that way through adulthood, than "fix" a broken adult.  

We strongly value proactive health from an early age, and we want to see your kids and family thriving!  Kids have spines, and therefore they have potential for interference within the nervous system.  The birth process itself can be hard not only on moms, but also on babies if there is any twisting or pulling of the head or neck on the way out.  As kids grow and develop, their spines and nervous systems need to be optimized for proper development, but also they will likely experience falls, sports injuries, among other things.
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