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The Doctors and Team at Elevate Chiropractic are passionate about showing you what true health and healing is. We work hard at helping you thrive and believe that your health is your greatest asset, and that we can help you lead a life full of abundance, vitality and energy.

Transformative Pillars of Your Well-being

Do you know the impact thoughts, toxins and trauma have on your well-being?

Introducing the 3 T's: Thoughts, Toxins, and Trauma. These key elements interact with your nervous system, influencing well-being. From the power of mindset to environmental impacts and physical incidents, understand how each 'T' plays a role in your health journey.
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Your thoughts can have a huge impact on your nervous system. Our mind and body function together and communicate with one another. Negative thoughts can affect your daily life.


Your physical environment plays a role in your body’s ability to adapt and function. Scented candles, chemicals, and other substances can affect your nervous system. Even what you eat makes a difference.


Traumatic events such as accidents or neurologically stimulating encounters can lead to subluxation. This impact is typically easier to uncover and work on during your visits since it’s physical-based.

Advanced Torque Release Technique

A Unique Approach to Healing

The expert team at Elevate Chiropractic is certified in the advanced proficiency of the Torque Release Technique. Recognized as one of the most specific and scientific chiropractic techniques globally, it ensures gentle yet effective adjustments tailored for all age groups. Our Fort Collins chiropractors are dedicated to identifying the root causes of health issues, witnessing transformative results daily through this approach.

Key Benefits of Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractor working on a patients neck


The Torque Release Technique is a culmination of the top seven chiropractic assessment and care systems, designed with meticulous scientific research.
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Peer-reviewed studies have highlighted its efficacy in significantly reducing anxiety and depression levels, thereby enhancing overall well-being.
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Purpose-Driven Results

This technique wasn't designed for a specific ailment but evolved from random controlled trials aiming to boost overall health potential and elevate the individual's state of well-being.
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A Team Ready to Elevate Your Health For Good

Dr. Daniel Wallis and his team have been bringing decades of combined experience into helping patients overcome neuropathy pain and start living the life they deserve.

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What is SoftWave? What does it do?

The SoftWave machine, which has been coined the “stem cell machine” creates a special hydroelectric sound wave, that on contact with the body does 3 main things: It increases blood flow and lymphatic flow, it recycles old, damaged cells, and it stimulates your body’s own stem cells to go to work. So, no matter what your body needs to heal, whether it is bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or cartilage, it can be regenerated through natural, advanced cellular healing.

Do adjustments hurt?

Our adjusting techniques are very safe, specific and gentle.   We don't need to twist or crack or pop in advanced chiropractic techniques to achieve lasting change and results.  Some people may experience mild soreness depending on the situation, but adjustments do not hurt in our office.

Why do kids need adjusted?

Healthy kids become healthy adults, and it is much easier to keep a healthy child that way through adulthood, than "fix" a broken adult.  

We strongly value proactive health from an early age, and we want to see your kids and family thriving!  Kids have spines, and therefore they have potential for interference within the nervous system.  The birth process itself can be hard not only on moms, but also on babies if there is any twisting or pulling of the head or neck on the way out.  As kids grow and develop, their spines and nervous systems need to be optimized for proper development, but also they will likely experience falls, sports injuries, among other things.
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