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Your Journey to Pain Relief & Wellness

Achieve Optimal Health with Chiropractic Care

Full functionality, energy, and overall health can be achieved, and we believe this is possible through health and healing naturally. We offer total health transformation through chiropractic care, neuropathy treatment and SoftWave therapy.
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Empower, Enhance, Elevate.
Your Health. Your Quality of Life. Elevated.


Focused correction to address the root cause of your health concerns, empowering and educating you along the way in the bodies amazing ability to heal, and for long term solutions made simple for your continued quality of life.
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Phase 1
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Personalized Plan of Care
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True Correction
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Drug-Free Approach
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Phase 1


Condition-based corrective care in this phase is about making sure we get laser-focused on your health concerns and the quality of life you desire in the first 90 days. We will deploy focused treatment plans in office, while empowering you to take action in your own life through wellness education and strategies to improve your health at home, between your visits.

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Stabilize the great health changes made in phase 1 to ensure this becomes the new normal.
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Phase 2
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Beyond Relief
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Optimized Performance
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Phase 2


Now it's time to make sure we stabilize the improvements that have been made and help make this the new normal while also continuing to improve with time and repetition. Here we will make sure to not abandon what is working and slide backwards. Just like a retainer for your teeth, let's protect and enhance the health and quality of life investments you have made.

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Proactive Healthcare, ensuring the vitality you deserve, while saving you time and resources along the way.
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Phase 3
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Maintaining Corrections
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Proactive Wellness
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Investment in Health
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Phase 3


Congratulations! By now you are well on your way to experiencing abundance, vitality, and the quality of life you deserve with your body functioning the way we believe it was designed. We will help you make educated wellness choices in your health to stay PROACTIVE on your journey, rather than reacting to problems as they arise. This will ensure the quality of life you want while simultaneously saving you time and resources! This is truly the elevated life and where we want to see all of our patients.

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Neuropathy Treatment

Tired of Living With Neuropathy Pain?

Get Real Results

Our multiple prong approach keeps your body from breaking down and helps you heal naturally

Our holistic & all-natural program addresses the root cause of your pain

Our program gets you out of pain and back to doing what you love

Feel & Function Better than Ever

Join hundreds of Fort Collins residents who have transformed their lives at Elevate Chiropractic. Our dedicated team, focused on healing, education, and empowerment, work closely with you to understand the cause of your discomfort.

We design a personalized plan, equipping you with the tools to reach your optimal health and wellbeing. Experience the difference at our Fort Collins office today with expert chiropractic adjustments
Discover Our Approach
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What is Verywell?

Verywell’s Patient-First Approach puts your well-being front and center.


Verywell enables you to connect with trusted general practitioners and mental health experts in a secure, confidential, and user-friendly environment.

Smart Tracking

Verywell enables you to connect with trusted general practitioners and mental health experts in a secure, confidential, and user-friendly environment.

Holistic Welness

Verywell enables you to connect with trusted general practitioners and mental health experts in a secure, confidential, and user-friendly environment.
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A team of expert professionals here for you

We exist to serve you and your family! The utmost care and preparation goes into prepping for your visit at our chiropractic office. We believe in helping our neighbors thrive and experience the joy of life, and we believe that chiropractic is the most effective way of getting you there.
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Hundreds of patients have trusted Elevate to transform their lives and improve their health.

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Remote Care

At Verywell, we leverage this cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless and efficient telehealth experience, bringing high-quality medical care right to your doorstep.

Family Wellness

Our family wellness services cater to the unique healthcare needs of all age groups, ensuring that your loved ones receive the best care possible.

Physical Wellbeing

Whether you're looking to improve your fitness levels, manage a chronic condition, or address an acute medical issue, our platform connects you with expert advice and support.

A Legacy of Excellence: Our Recognitions


What is SoftWave? What does it do?

The SoftWave machine, which has been coined the “stem cell machine” creates a special hydroelectric sound wave, that on contact with the body does 3 main things: It increases blood flow and lymphatic flow, it recycles old, damaged cells, and it stimulates your body’s own stem cells to go to work. So, no matter what your body needs to heal, whether it is bone, muscle, ligament, tendon or cartilage, it can be regenerated through natural, advanced cellular healing.

Do adjustments hurt?

Our adjusting techniques are very safe, specific and gentle.   We don't need to twist or crack or pop in advanced chiropractic techniques to achieve lasting change and results.  Some people may experience mild soreness depending on the situation, but adjustments do not hurt in our office.

Why do kids need adjusted?

Healthy kids become healthy adults, and it is much easier to keep a healthy child that way through adulthood, than "fix" a broken adult.  

We strongly value proactive health from an early age, and we want to see your kids and family thriving!  Kids have spines, and therefore they have potential for interference within the nervous system.  The birth process itself can be hard not only on moms, but also on babies if there is any twisting or pulling of the head or neck on the way out.  As kids grow and develop, their spines and nervous systems need to be optimized for proper development, but also they will likely experience falls, sports injuries, among other things.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our team.
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