“How are you feeling?”

We have grown accustomed to this question any time we go into a medical office to see a doctor. Often the answers address our physical condition, the presence or lack of pain in our bodies. We are so used to it that I believe we have begun to identify ourselves by our symptoms.

When thinking through this, I wonder if we are looking hard for pain and then identify ourselves by how we feel– either “good” or “bad.”

Your identity does not lie in your symptoms. Many wear the label, “I have ____ condition” which defines their identity and disguises who they are.

It is time to put your identity into more than your physical labels. It is time to put your identity in who you were created to be – in abundance, energy, vitality, in what motivates you. Ask yourself: Why do I get up in the morning? Who will I meet today that could change my tomorrow?

Our heart is that you would not identify yourself by your pain or how you physically feel. I want you to identify yourself by who you were created to be, and what you were created for.

One of the greatest joys of my profession is getting to help restore people’s bodies, assisting them to become their best self. When you take steps to fix your body and restore it to a place of health, how you feel will follow.

We need to address our present condition, and look for areas to improve. When we do this, our pain and feelings will not define us but rather knowing our body is healthy and whole will bring joy to us each day.

Your health is not about your pain or lack thereof, but about your potential and you living the life you were created to live. You were created to live a life of joy, excitement, and freedom, and by taking steps to improve your health you become closer to living into this amazing reality.

Even if your circumstances or diagnoses are grim, there is a purpose for your life. Health is available, you just have to be willing to go get it.
You are so much more than a medical label or diagnosis. It is time to put your identity into who you were created to be!