Getting the most out of your healthcare and investing in a healthy future are two things that Northern Coloradans are thinking about more and more often. Our access to year-round sunshine, typically temperate climate, and access to some of the most stunning hikes and climbs in the Western United States makes us want to get the most out of our bodies. However, often times we wait too long to address health and pain concerns that could have been avoided with regular preventative care. Elevate Chiropractic, Fort Collins’ premiere chiropractic care provider, specializes in preventative chiropractic care to provide neck pain relief or prevent you from even experiencing it. Contact us to learn more about how our spinal decompression and Torque Release Technique services can keep you upright and enjoying every day in Northern Colorado.

Reactive Vs. Preventative Care

Most of us practice a reactive approach to our medical care, waiting until lower back pain treatment— or other pain— is too much to bear. Only then do we seek out help. More often than not, preventative care can identify problems in advance of them becoming debilitating, and it can even help prevent them altogether. We don’t wait for our cars to start getting an engine knock before we change the oil, so why do we wait for physical pain and discomfort before we consider seeing a specialist?

An Alarming Study

In 2002, the second half of a study on preventative chiropractic care found that in a group of people between the ages of 24 and 26, an alarming number tested positive for cervical spine injuries when put through an MRI, even though they were not reporting symptoms associated with the damage found. Of the asymptomatic group tested, 87% had a disc protrusion, 73% had some degree of disc degeneration, and 63% showed annular tears — all conditions that can require treatment for neck pain relief. Here is an abstract and .pdf of the whole study. With such large percentages of healthy young adults demonstrating a need for future chiropractic care, why aren’t we investing in preventative care now?

Reasons To Choose Preventative Chiropractic Care

Preventative Care Is An Accepted Best Practice

As mentioned above, preventative care is an important part of mechanical longevity, and most of us even see our primary care physician and dentist at least once a year to get ahead of major problems. You don’t wait to start brushing your teeth until you have a cavity, so why wait on preventative chiropractic care?

Treat The Cause Of Your Pain, Not The Symptoms

Once the symptoms of an injury have shown up, you face two substantial problems. The first is that your personal desire to no longer be in pain becomes the focus of your treatment until the problem can be discovered and addressed. This reactive approach usually means that treatment takes longer than it would if the issue was caught earlier. Second, once your soft tissues have been traumatized or have degenerated to the point of pain, re-injury and ongoing treatments are significantly more likely to occur.

Save Money

When you catch a problem before it really becomes a problem, it is almost always more cost effective to deal with. Chiropractic care is no different. Check out our blog post about how preventative care can save you money over time.

Visit Elevate Chiropractic For Preventative Care

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