At Elevate Chiropractic, we focus on three phases of chiropractic care, called E3, that will empower, enhance and elevate your health for a lifetime.

Phase 1 : EMPOWER

Condition-based care is the first step in empowering you to live to your fullest potential. Through our neurological assessments, we have determined the best method to stabilize your spine with very specific, gentle chiropractic adjustment. Condition-based care is very effective at providing relief without the use of drugs and surgery.

Phase 2 : ENHANCE

Once we’ve started the corrective care process through specific chiropractic adjustments, we can continue to enhance your health, and help you live the elevated life. This is a crucial phase in optimizing spinal and neurological function, as we will now go from symptom relief care, to a stability phase of care and true correction. Multitudes of peer-reviewed research in this area have shown that abnormal motion of the spine creates abnormal signaling to the brain. Therefore problems with spinal motion aren’t just a spine issue, but a brain issue. We want the right information getting to the brain, so that you can get the right information to your body, and therefore function optimally. This isn’t simply to provide relief, but to develop your spine and nervous system to perform at a higher level. Proper function from the inside equals better health and improved quality of life.

Phase 3 : ELEVATE

Just like an orthodontist prescribes a retainer after a set of braces to be sure and hold the new corrections, at Elevate Chiropractic in Fort Collins we will do the same thing, doing less frequent “checkups” if you will to correct small imbalances or spinal misalignments, and ensure that the correction remains and stabilizes. Regular chiropractic adjustment has also been shown to reduce stress and enhance the immune system, so we will educate our Fort Collins community on the reality that your health is your greatest asset, thus small investments now pay huge dividends in the future.