Every day we take for granted that we move through the world on two legs, balancing our top-heavy bodies while striding with agility from place to place — what an incredible luxury. In our last blog post, we discussed some of the reasons why people begin to lose their mobility, balance, and stability — especially in the case of the elderly — and we examined briefly how chiropractic care can help improve and restore balance.

In today’s blog from Elevate Chiropractic, Fort Collins’ trusted chiropractic care provider for lifelong wellness, we will dive into the research behind our most recent blog post on balance.

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What Was Being Studied?

In a very recent study titled “Improved Stability Measured by Posturography Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care,” researchers examined nine patients who independently sought out chiropractic care to address balance and sway issues they were having.

Before any chiropractic adjustments were undertaken, patients were evaluated using a series of tests including Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP), the most common and thorough way to evaluate balance disorders. Measurements taken in this test are compared against age-related norms to determine the presence of a balance disorder and to track improvement.

The goal of the study was to determine if chiropractic care could positively influence, or improve, the balance and sway conditions of individuals who had tested at sub-optimal levels of motor and sensory performance in the CDP test.

What Conditions Did Researchers Discover?

Researchers in the study were able to accurately identify poor performance on the CDP test in all nine patients. Although the exact scores and proficiencies of all nine patients varied, each had something in common with all the others.

In addition to evaluating all nine patients through the use of the motor and sensory portions of the CDP test, each patient also underwent a series of neck and spine X-rays. Each of these people, struggling with balance and sway challenges, showed signs of vertebral subluxations in their upper neck. The subluxations — you can think of them as blockages caused by misaligned cervical vertebrae — were hypothesized as being a part of the problem since scientists had already established that these kinds of abnormal structural shifts in the spine and neck can obstruct nerves, which are crucial for communicating neuro-signals that help with balance and motor performance.

How Were Participants Treated?

Patients were given a series of chiropractic adjustments that focused on reducing the subluxation in their upper necks, with new testing and measurements taken between each adjustment. The results were impressive enough for the researchers to strongly advise for a larger, more comprehensive study to take place in order to build upon their findings.

What Were The Outcomes?

Of the nine patients that were treated, eight of them showed improvement in each primary category of balance and sway evaluated before and during the first three adjustments. The ninth patient showed marked improvement in all but one area being measured — overall incredible results.

What is more impressive is that every single patient in the study demonstrated measurable improvement after a single adjustment. Further X-rays indicated that all subjects showed reduced signs of vertebral subluxations in their upper necks as a result of their chiropractic adjustments.

Key Take-Aways From The Study

Ultimately, this research demonstrated the ability of quality, targeted chiropractic care to help treat balance and stability issues in patients with incredible speed and efficiency. The implications of this study are clear for anyone who has a balance disorder, and potentially even for those who suffer from neck pain caused by abnormal structural shifts in their cervical vertebrae.

However, the real implications and power of this study go back to our most recent blog about balance and the elderly. You may recall that we shared some shocking statistics including that falls due to a loss of balance are the leading cause of death in Americans over the age of 65.

This research strongly suggests that chiropractic care that focuses on relieving vertebral subluxations in older patients can improve their balance and steadiness, helping to reduce the risk of falls. Fewer falls means less risk of serious injury or death, less economic risk from prolonged hospital stays, and a greater likelihood of remaining living independently for a longer period of time — things that we can all agree on as being important to older parents, friends, and other family members who we deeply care about.

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